The latest market statistics that every buyer and seller should know.

What’s happening to the Massachusetts market? The data is now available, and today I’ll share a few critical market indicators that every buyer and seller should know. I’ll also compare the market stats from January 2022 to September 2022 with the same months in 2021.

Feel free to watch the full explanation or use these timestamps to browse specific topics at your leisure:

0:00 — Introduction

0:47 — Home prices are climbing by nearly double digits

1:36 — The absorption rate of the single-family market, condo market, and multifamily market

2:57 — The Fed is raising interest rates to slow down the market

4:18 — The number of homes sold is down

4:39 — The market is normalizing

5:12 — Days on market this time of the year and the same time last year

5:34 — Some buyers have been priced out of the market due to increasing interest rates

5:57 — My advice to buyers

6:33 — My advice to sellers

7:38 — The Massachusetts housing market is still strong

8:39 — Wrapping up

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